Why You Should Hire A Certified Mason for Brick Work

Masons and bricklayers have built some of the longest standing buildings in history – so its easy to understand why people want their homes or businesses to be made from brick or stone. Professional Brick Masons can build or repair structures such as load bearing walls, chimneys, pathways and patios. But, many people will opt to hire a “handyman” when it comes to repairs that seem simple. While Handymen are typically skilled in various crafts, there is no substitute for a professional and certified brick mason.

Hire Certified Mason - Masonry Works - Local Brick ProfessionalsRepairs that you would need to hire a professional mason for include water damage, repointing mortar, and rebuilding walls where the brick has become compromised. One of the largest factors we deal with on historical restoration projects is reversing the uneducated, uninformed or misguided repairs that have been done over the years by masons or the handyman type of repairs that have done. It’s not their fault, they just do not have a true understanding of the materials and appropriate techniques that will result in long lasting repairs.

But, hiring a masonry contractor can seem like an overwhelming task. Where do you start? Here’s a quick rundown on some things to consider before choosing a mason for your next project.

1. Research Materials: It’s important to look into the various brick options that you might want to install in your home and compile a list of pros and cons as well as associated costs. An expert company, like BR Masonry will be ready to explain the costs, as well as providing suggestions for your individual project.

2. Understand your project: Look into the specific project or repair you’re wanting to complete and the skills your contractor will need. Some masons consider themselves to be manual laborers, and some consider themselves artists – so it’s important to find someone who will do the work according to your expectations.

3. Survey Your Neighbors: Word of mouth is a great way to find and hire a masonry – talk to your neighbors (especially if you live in a heavily bricked neighborhood). Find some homes in your area that have recently been professionally bricked or stoned to find out which contractors are in your area and who does the best work.

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