Why You Should ALWAYS use Lime Mortar for Historical Masonry Restoration

Lime Mortar - Historical Masonry Repair - Restorative Masonry - Professional Masonry ExpertAt BR Masonry, we love restoring historical properties to their former glory. In fact, over half of the projects we’ve worked on this year have been masonry restoration projects. Our clients come to us, because they know that our team is experienced and educated in the process of masonry restoration and they can trust us to look for a long-term solution rather than a quick fix.

One of these solutions is using the same building materials that were available during the time in which their business or home was originally built. That means replacing the broken or damaged brick with the same bricks when we can, instead of patching the issues with poorly matched brick or stone. We also pride ourselves on our use of lime mortar on historical properties.

So, why lime mortar?

Brick Repair New Jersey - Restoration Masonry Expert - Historical Masonry RestorationLime mortar has been used for thousands of years on historical buildings and structures which are still standing today! While most newer buildings use cement, lime mortar is gaining popularity once more due to its beneficial properties. Lime mortar itself is weaker than the surrounding brick, but still able to support the masonry’s weight. This allows it to move and flex with the brick, without the use of movement joints. This greatly reduces the risk of cracking or damage from movement.

Because lime mortar is flexible, breathable and allows the water to escape. We see a lot of repairs done on historical properties with Portland cement. Materials like Portland cement are unyielding and stronger than the brick, so it can cause the brick to break. It will also “seal” or trap the water inside, allowing it to rot the walls from the inside out. This creates a perfect environment for mold growth, which can further damage your property and be a danger to you and your family’s health.

We encounter many fixes that have failed or cause further damage, simply because the mason or handyman that was hired for the job didn’t have the proper knowledge on historical properties. At BR Masonry, we have that knowledge and the experience to make sure your historical home or business is repaired correctly, and that these repairs will stand the test of time. Click here to get a quote for your masonry restoration or repair project!