Why you Need a Professional Mason to Clean Your Historic Brick Building

Cleaning a building is not that hard, right? Well, it actually is, if you are dealing with an historical building. Technologies are always evolving, so people use different equipment and materials to build now than they did when these historical buildings were originally erected. That’s why you have to be very careful with historical building cleaning. You must know what you are dealing with. If you use wrong cleaning chemicals, you can damage the building. Not every mason can pick the right cleaning agent from the first try. We at BR Masonry are extremely educated when it comes to caring for historical buildings. Today, we will go over the reasons why you should never try to clean a historical building by yourself.

Historical Restoration New Jersey - Masonry Restoration Hamilton - Masonry Near MeFirst of all, a professional mason will always know what cleaners and equipment to use to get the job done. We know how the historic brickwork will react with different chemicals and will pick the ones that will actually help clean the building, not destroy its surface.

If the building is really dirty, it may require strong chemicals to remove all the stains and get a clean new look. Know this – working with strong chemicals may be extremely dangerous if you are using them for the first time! BR Masonry professionals know safety regulations and have extensive experience with a wide variety of cleaning agents, so our work is always safe.

To make sure we don’t damage the surface of an old building, we do test sections. At first, we test our chemicals on a small part of the building, and if it does the job, we continue to use it on the rest of the building. The process is the same with power washing. First, we will try it on a small, discreet section of the building and if it creates any stains or damages, we will pick something lighter to complete the cleaning process. Using this method, we can deep clean building facades without harming the historical materials.

Speaking of damages – old buildings can hide signs of destruction under the layers of dirt. If you try to clean an old building yourself, you may not notice that it needs to be restored as well. And if you continue to use strong cleaners, you may damage it without even knowing. BR Masonry experts work with masonry restoration and know when you need to go easy on certain spots. If we see any signs of destruction, we will take measures to fix it and continue the cleaning process. So, whenever you try to clean an historical building, you should always be prepared for further restoration.

Masonry Restoration - Masonry Repairs New Jersey - Masonry Professionals It’s always better to talk the experts first. If you want to have your building cleaned, call BR Masonry and our team will come and examine your building. We will tell you what you’ll have to work with and what problems may appear during the cleaning process. We will offer our services to get the job done and teach you how to take care of your building in the future. If you are looking for building cleaning services in Hamilton, NJ, contact BR Masonry today to get a free quote. We would be more than happy to help you!