What To Do After Hurricane Damages Your House?

Remember hurricane Florence? It has already caused about $50 billion in damage. Thousands of houses were destroyed and flooded. No one ever wants to have this kind of experience. Unfortunately, hurricanes and storms happen almost every year in US. Every family should be ready to deal with hurricane’s consequences. The most important thing is to be safe during the nature’s disasters. If your city was chosen for evacuation, leave the city it without any hesitation. The second problem you may have is the damage hurricane causes to your house. What to do if your home got damaged or flooded during the hurricane? BR Masonry is here to give you the answer.

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Don’t try to enter your house right after you see it. It may have fallen power lines or similar kinds of hazards. You have to make sure your home’s structure is safe and undamaged. It’s very important to do so before trying to enter. Make a list of all damaged property to show your insurance company.

Call your insurance agent right after you examine your property. Try to get their advice on what should be done next. If the hurricane completely destroyed your home, see what living expenses your insurance will pay for.

If you made any temporary repairs to keep your house from further damages, keep the check with all of your expenses. All permanent repairs should be made after the insurance company’s agent have inspected your house. Don’t rush while choosing your repair contractor, the cheapest one now may not always be the cheapest one in the long run. There are always people going door-to-door who offer to repair your house right after the hurricane. They are usually unqualified workers who want fast money. Look for a contractor with reverences and examples of previous work.

It’s hard to notice everything that’s been damaged. Be sure to add new damages you find to your list. It’s much easier if you have the proof of what your home looked like before the storm. If you have photos and videos that can prove how your home looked in the past, it will make the work with your insurance company much easier. Don’t try to fool your insurance agent with previous damages you had before. Usually it’s pretty easy to tell the difference.

Masonry Works And Repairs - How To Deal With Hurricane Damage - Home Repair New Jersey Call your utility company and ask them to stop billing you if your house in inhabitable or destroyed.

BR Masonry will help you repair all the damages that were caused by a hurricane or a storm. Our experts deal with all kind of damages. We know how hard it is to live through the hurricane and how hard it is to rebuild your home. We will do our best to help you get your home to its perfect condition.

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