What is The Difference Between Masonry Repair And Masonry Restoration?

People often confuse historical masonry restoration with general masonry repair. For some projects these services may seem similar, but for other it may be critical to choose the right kind of masonry. BR Masonry does both the restoration AND repair and is here to explain the difference between them.

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Bricks and mortar get old over time. Cracks may appear in the sidewalks on brick walls and in many other places. Masonry tends to crack when it ages, that’s why you may need to have it repaired after some time. We at BR Masonry replace damaged sections with new or reused bricks and stones and use sand patching and concrete filling to get our clients’ property back to its former glory.



Masonry Restoration

Masonry Restoration - Historical Masonry Restoration - Masonry Repointing - Masons in New Jersey

A restoration is more complex and sophisticated process than a repair. There are two very important things you should know about when hiring a masonry professional: what style are you working with and what time frame was your property built in. The main difference between the restoration and repair is that you need special bricks, mortar and other materials to do the restoration. For example, you cannot use usual bricks for a restoration of a building that was built 150 years ago, it would require special bricks made of custom materials. The mortar should also match the special bricks you would use. The wrong mix of elements may harm the building, and nothing will hold. The process of replacing the old bricks and mortar is called repointing. BR Masonry knows how to do repointing properly, so your brick or stone masonry can be enjoyed for generations.

Our masonry professionals know how to restore our clients’ properties with materials that are appropriate to both the style and period of the structure. We will restore your building and explain how to maintain it so that you will never need to have another restoration or a repair in the years to come.

BR Masonry & Restoration Inc. does both masonry repairs and masonry restoration. We have years of experience and many happy clients. See the successfully completed projects on the Gallery page. We also do foundation repairs, waterproofing, and different interior & exterior works. Our goal is to help our clients, so they will never need to worry about their masonry again. Visit the Contact us form to get a free quote today!

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