What Does It Mean When My Contractor Says My Brick Is Spalling?

Have you ever heard the term “brick spalling”? It’s a type of masonry breakdown caused by frequent temperature changes, thermal vibrations, and house settling. Brick can be easily noticed when small cracks lead to much bigger cracks and breakdowns on the building. If we are talking about concrete spalling, you may notice it on its early stages. It includes discoloration of the masonry, striated lines, or a rather rough structure. If you want to fix spalling on your home, you should learn every cause of the problem. Let’s see where spalling starts and how you can avoid it.

Brick Spalling - How To Fix Brick Spalling - Masonry Tips - Mason NJ AreaHow It Starts

In most cases, spalling occurs after moisture penetrates a building’s brickwork. Here are a couple of conditions that cause moisture penetration:

  • The use of salvaged bricks during construction
  • Very cold weather (when water freezes it’s more likely to expand after penetration)
  • Floods or other water leaks near your home
  • Pressure washers can also be the cause of , because they tend to damage hardened brick exteriors and they make it easier for water to penetrate the stone.

The climate you live in combined with your home’s architecture and exterior condition can affect moisture penetration as well.

In brickwork, spalling is often caused if you use a mortar that is harder than required. If the wrong kind of mortar is being used during a construction project, it will deflect any kind of movement, such as thermal expansion, vibrations, or house settling. Mortar deflection will later lead to brick spalling. A good mortar will absorb these kinds of movement, not deflect them.

Masonry Specialist Hamilton - Brick Mason Near Me - What Is Brick SpallingHow To Fix It

If you ever see that your home starts to show the signs of spalling, don’t hesitate to call a masonry expert near you. The only good way to fix this problem is to replace any spalling masonry. If you call BR Masonry in the early stages, we will seal spalling bricks without any replacement. Every spalling issue is very time sensitive, so you must act quickly to get it fixed as soon as possible.

BR Masonry is always there for you. We will fix any masonry issues you may have and prevent them from happening again in the future. We have a great team of masonry professionals in Hamilton who are always ready to head out to your neighborhood and fix the problem. Contact us today to get a free quote!