Vines On Buildings And How To Deal With Them

Vines and vegetations growing on a building sound interesting and unusual, right? Well, to building’s owners it will sound like a bunch of problems they now have to deal with.

Old and historic buildings may be a perfect place for vines, mosses and trees to suddenly start growing. The growth starts when the ground is moisturized and when the building is in woody or shady surroundings. Such problems usually take place on the northern side of buildings because it’s harder for the sunlight to reach this area. Due to lower water evaporation these areas stay more moisturized than other, which gives different plants and trees a perfect opportunity to plant their roots.

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Sometimes the vegetation is so deep in the building that it may be dangerous to remove it by yourself. You may face another problem if the trees, vines, plants growing are protected. It may be illegal to remove trees from historic buildings in some cases. If you don’t get rid of all the roots growing throughout the building, they may cause even more damage, moisture and many other problems.

First thing you should do is call an expert who can inspect the impact your building has from the plant. BR Masonry will tell you if removing the vegetation will damage the masonry, what is the best way to remove it and what to do after you remove it to prevent it from growing again.

It’s very important to treat the plant before trying to remove it by force. If you start pulling the vegetation right away, you may damage the masonry in the building. Remove the roots first. It will help you extract the plant more carefully. To get rid of the plant completely you would need to chemically kill its roots. That way you won’t see it growing back after some time.

There is a system of preventive measures that can be taken to get rid of anything that’s trying to grow on your building. Herbicides that are used to deal with vegetations can be very dangerous, so be sure to contact BR Masonry before applying them by yourself. We know what herbicides to use and what is the best way to safely apply them to your building.

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Trees, vines and plants usually grow on historic masonry buildings, so before you try to do anything, contact BR Masonry so we will be able to inspect the building and help you get rid of the plants without damaging the building.

BR Masonry professionals deal with historical restoration. We understand that buildings construction materials change its quality overtime. We know how to work with aged masonry and mortar. We can remove all kinds of plants and trees from your building. Contact us or call us at (609) 686-5577 today to get a free estimate and order the inspection of your building.