The Dangers of Foundation Damage

Foundation Repair NJ - Drainage Systems NJ - Masonry Contractors in New Jersey - BR MasonryCollapsing foundation is never a fun thing to deal with as a homeowner. We recently worked on a home with a foundation that was built in 1979. Our team was tasked with shoring up (installing beams in order to provide support and prevent the home from crumbling) the client’s house. Then, we installed footing foundation, fully waterproofed the foundation and drainage system!

If you have a leaky basement, naturally your first instinct is to seal the wall. Unfortunately, what most people don’t know is that damp proofing is simply putting a band-aid on a much larger problem. Initially, it will seem like the problem is foxed and you’ll feel peace of mind because there isn’t any visible water coming into your based.

What you’re not seeing, is that now the water has nowhere to go. The water builds up and deteriorates your foundation from the inside out and you end up with something like this:

Foundation Cracks - Fix Foundation Cracks - Leaky Basement Repair - French Drain Installation
As you can see, this foundation collapsed due to erosion from displaced water after a repair was made to the client’s leaky basement. But even if there isn’t enough water to cause erosion, moisture accumulation in the ground around and beneath your home can actually cause their own types of  problems.

The added moisture content causes the ground to swell and push in on the foundation’s walls. This is called hydrostatic pressure, or earth loading, and it can cause several different types of cracks – the most notably dangerous being horizontal and stair step cracks. BR Masonry can repair these foundation issues by locating the problem and addressing the underlying cause, whether it’s an incorrectly executed French drainage system, or a botched leak repair, our team has the experience and knowledge to put an end to your worries about water damage.

You shouldn’t have to go through worried about your home’s foundation. And you shouldn’t settle for mediocre waterproofing solutions. BR Masonry & Restoration Inc. does real waterproofing, structural foundation repairs interior & exterior drainage systems that work. Our goal is to keep you and your family safe from collapsing foundations and give you the peace of mind you deserve! Contact us to request a quote today!