The Best Time of Year to Perform Masonry Repair

Here in the New Jersey area the weather is very different every season. We have many sunny days in the summer, many cold and windy ones in the winter, and something in between in the spring and fall. Weather conditions are something that always affect masonry, especially in the repair process. We have been in the industry for quite a long time now, and definitely know the best time of year to get the job done. Continue reading if you want to learn the best seasons to perform masonry repairs.

Masonry Repairs New Jersey - Masonry Restoration - Masonry WorksGeneral repairs

Warm is good, right? Well, not always. June, July, and August are usually the slowest times for any masonry work. Based on the way that brick suppliers function, the best time to start your masonry repairs would be the beginning of the fall. It’s the time when temperatures are cooler, and pouring rains aren’t a problem yet. You might want to push the repairs further away from the rainy days because rain will make repairs more complicated and you will need to use extra tools such as tarps and heaters. If you want so save money on a masonry repair, start early in the fall.

Chimney repairs

It’s easier to repair chimneys in the spring and fall, right after or before winter. The weather is more moderate at this time. You won’t get any extreme weather conditions between summer and winter. In our professional opinion, the best time is about two weeks after the winter ends. It will be easier to notice unseen damages after a winter of chimney use. Contact us today and let’s schedule a chimney inspection! The time is just right.


That’s when the cold is good! Repointing is the process of removing the old mortar and replacing it. After you replace it with the new mixture, the curing process starts. Temperature is very important for the curing process, that’s why it’s way better to do in rather cooler seasons – in the end of the fall, in the winter, and in the beginning of the spring – right when the temperature is around the freezing point. The repointing process will not be completed without the curing phase, so make sure the temperature is right. If you actually decide to do repointing on warmer days, try to work in the shade and don’t allow for any direct sunlight. We don’t recommend doing repointing in the rain either. The best time for it is when the sun is shining but it’s slightly cold outside.

Masonry Restoration In The Winter - Winter Masonry - How To Repair A Chimney In WinterOur team of professional masons knows the best time of year to complete all kinds of masonry work. We have the skill and experience to complete the job during any season and any weather condition. BR Masonry will do whatever it takes to repair your masonry and leave you satisfied. Contact us today to schedule an inspection. We will send our specialists to examine your masonry and they will come up with a plan to help you in the best way possible.