Spiders In Your Patio Furniture

Imagine this: it’s evening, you are trying to relax on your new fancy patio after work. But you are not alone: a huge spider is also trying to have a good time near you. Well, there’s certainly no place for both of you there. So, as long as you wish to keep your place on the patio, you have to find a way to deal with this kind of intruders. Let’s see how you can avoid spiders getting in your patio furniture.

Clear the hiding spots

Start by choosing the right furniture in the first place. When you buy furniture for your backyard and patio, pay attention to its design. Round form and simpler design usually are harder for spiders to build their web on. It will also create less shadow for spiders to hide in. Try to avoid buying chairs with tall backs, trellises and furniture with ornate design. This way you will provide less hunting places for these scary insects. Be sure to clean your backyard from all the trash because spiders usually tend to hide in it.

Spiders In Your Patio Furniture Can Cause A Lot Of Trouble

 Brush and vacuum

It’s important to clean every part of your furniture. Do it weekly or even more often. It will help you get rid of all the spider nests they build in furniture’s corners and ornate edges.

Prevent spiders from creating their web by applying special chemicals. But choose carefully – some chemicals may damage your furniture and deck. If you want to use something similar but less dangerous for your furniture, try applying peppermint oil spray. Do it every 3 days and you will notice way less spiders and other insects around.

Buy washable covers

If you have cushions on your patio, it’s important that you buy washable and removable covers. Spiders love cushions. It’s even more terrifying to find a spider on your cushion that see it in the corner. So be sure to wash the covers regularly.

Clean Your Patio Furniture To Get Rid Of Spiders Hiding In It

Switch to yellow lights

University of Minnesota made a research where they found out how different lights colors affect the insects. It turns out that wormer colors attract way less insects than the bright cold lights.  Based on this research, it would be a good idea to only use yellow lights on your backyard to keep the insects away.

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