Signs that Your Chimney Needs to Be Repaired or Rebuilt

It is hard to tell if a chimney needs to be repaired or even rebuilt from the first look. If you don’t know construction techniques, it’s almost impossible to notice first signs of chimney damage. Your safety depends on your chimney’s condition. That’s exactly why BR Masonry is going to help you find out if your chimney needs to be repaired.

Chimney Repairs - Chimney Specialists - BR Masonry - Brick WorksRusted Firebox or Damper

If the damper or the firebox have been exposed to moisture, they can start to rust easily and let even more moisture into your chimney. It’s important to keep any moisture out of your chimney, because once it does get in, it can damage the flue tiles. Cracking of the flue tiles can lead to fire breaking out, which is very dangerous for any home. Call the professionals to examine and repair any rusted parts of your chimney.

Damaged Mortar Joints

To find any damaged mortar joints you might need to get on top of your roof. That’s where you’ll be able to notice the problem. Afterall, the mortar is what’s holding everything together. If it gets damaged, this could cause a fire as well. All mortar joints should be in perfect condition for the chimney to be completely safe. People usually think that it’s ok to have a couple of cracks on your chimney. We’re here to tell you that it’s not ok at all! As soon as you notice cracks or damages on mortar joints, call BR Masonry to fix the problem right away. We’re always ready to make your chimney safe again.

Flue Tiles

After you make sure everything is ok on the roof, come down and examine the bottom part of the chimney. Start looking for any parts of flue tiles. It you find any, it’s a bad sign. As you already know, cracked flue tiles will lead to a fire breaking out of the chimney. The more you wait, the bigger this problem could get. A fire breaking out will damage more flue tiles and put your safety at risk again. Call BR Masonry and we will make sure the flue tiles are intact or replace any cracked ones.

How To Fix Brick Spalling - Masonry Repairs - Masonry Restoration - Chimney RestorationBrick spalling

Yep, you already know the term. When moisture gets inside the brick it starts to damage the surface of your masonry. As we already know, a rusted firebox or damper can lead to a moisture penetration. If you don’t notice the first signs of moisture penetration, your chimney bricks will start spalling. If that happens, call us right away and we will find the source of the problem, eliminate it, and repair your chimney.

One chimney problems lead to another ones. You have to act quick to fix the problem. Inspect your chimney from time to time and if you see any of the above signs, call BR Masonry to get things fixed. Our team of professionals notice chimney problems at first sight and will help you take care of them. Contact us today to make sure your chimney is safe to use at all times.