Signs Of Mold In Your House

Tiny black spots on your shower curtain, little white dirt on your garage floor, orange patches on your kitchen drain – the mold starts to grow in different places around the house.  It’s known to be very hard to see and locate. The mold’s exposure can irritate your skin, nose, throat and eyes. The situation may get even worse if there is someone who has allergies in your house. BR Masonry is here to help you notice first signs of the mold in your house and tell you how to deal with it.

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If you don’t see it, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Smelling a moldy, musty odor can be a sign that somewhere in the house the mold is starting to grow. It can be under something or even in something. Inspect your house right after you start to smell the musty odor. If you locate it, it can save you a lot of health issues and money.

Allergy Symptoms

People with allergies is a good mold locator. Do you feel better when you’re outside or at work than you feel at home? Do your allergies start to flare up when you are at home? It can clearly be the signs of the mold. Don’t wait until you feel better. Look for what caused your allergy to activate. The mold can be under the carpet, in the basement, behind walls or on the attic (see our article about ventilating your attic). Allergic reactions from the mold are sneezing, runny nose and inflamed eyes. Inspect your house if you have any of these symptoms.

Visual Signs

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You can obviously tell there’s a mold in your house when you see it. Blackish green areas, mildew or slime textures on the furniture are clear signs of the mold. But notice this – there are types of mold that look just like dirt or dust. If you ignore it or don’t use special cleaning agents than it can continue spreading around the house. Whenever you find mold make sure it is removed from your home. Even small patches of mold can easily spread around the house. It will keep slowly poisoning you for years, which will have results on your health in the future. The mold in your house means that there are perfect conditions for its growth there. If you see a strange looking dirt or a weird colored dust, inspect your house for any signs of the mold immediately.


If your house was flooded in the past, there are almost a 100% chance the mold has planted its roots somewhere. It’s usually the basement that’s first affected by mold after the flood. The places mold starts to grow in after the flood are usually hard to inspect. You can’t see if the mold is in there just by looking at them. The mold’s favorite places in the basement are usually behind walls and underneath the floor. After you clean your house after the flood make sure that you payed enough attention to your basement and all the hard spots.

BR Masonry provides mold inspection & remediation to give you peace of mind. We are familiar with different types of mold and wide range of its symptoms. We can detect the mold and get rid of it on 100%. Contact us today to get a free estimate and order the mold inspection.