NOW OFFERING: Thermal Imaging for Leak Detection

Thermal Imaging for Leak Detection - Thermal Imaging in NJ - Leak Detection in Hamilton, NJ - Home Improvement ContractorsBR Masonry & Restoration Inc. is currently offering specials on thermal image and moisture testing inspections. We’re happy to announce that we’re the only restoration and repair contractor who offers this state-of-the-art technology in the Hamilton, NJ area and we can’t wait to extend this service to our clients!



Is your foundation taking on water or do you just want to find out?

Do you have water infiltration but can’t find it?

Tired of tracing down leaks? Have a leak and can’t find it.

Don’t know if you have a leak but want to find out?

Have a clogged pipe but don’t know where?

Did your plumbing or roofing repair work and do you want to find out for sure?


Leak Repairs - Mold Inspection in NJ - Leak Detection in Hamilton, NJ - Masonry Services in Hamilton, NJ

We can help with all of the above and more! How many times have you called a contractor in and they just can’t seem to figure it out? Or they start cutting holes in your walls without knowing the source of the problem? You shouldn’t have to pay for guess work that MIGHT be the solution! You deserve to know where the problem lies on the first walk through and our thermal imaging software is the best way the find pesky leaks in your homes interior and exterior.

Stop the guessing, wasted time and wasted money spent repairing maybe’s and solutions that didn’t work!

BR Masonry offers non-destructive thermal imaging! We come in and find your leak without tearing, ripping, cutting out or damaging your property. With a combination of thermal imaging and moisture testing, we can tell you specifically where your water infiltration, leak, clogged line, or missing insulation is and the best approach to correcting it appropriately!

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