Maintenance is Important: A Run Down on Caring for Your Brick Building

Brick buildings are known to last for long periods of time. You can still find brick buildings that were built ages ago. What’s the secret? How to preserve the building so it lasts that long? Well, BR Masonry knows a secret or two. Today we are going to talk about maintenance. If you are a building owner, manager, or if you just have a brick home that you live in – this article will be extremely helpful for you and may even save you some money in the near future.

Avoid water damage

Brick Maintenance - How To Care For Masonry - Masonry Care - Masonry Maintenance If you live in an area that gets flooded often, you probably know the struggle. After water penetrates your home, freezing and thawing cycles will usually cause a brick spalling. Repairing water damage and spalling in the early stages will prevent any extensive repairs you may face in the future. See our article about brick spalling to learn the best ways to deal with this problem and learn how to prevent it (link). It’s a very time sensitive issue, so make sure you deal with water damages as soon as you see the first signs of water penetration.

Paint Removal

Some people use sandblasting to remove old paint from brick buildings. That’s something you should never do, because it can cause lasting damage to the brick. It becomes rough after the sandblasting, which makes it easier for dirt and water get into the brick and cause damage in the future. Only use chemicals to remove old paint from the brick. It’s the best way to remove it without damaging the brick.



Repointing - Brick Wall - Water Damage - Brick Specialist - Masonry Specialist New Jersey Area

As you probably know from one of our previous articles about repointing (link), it’s a necessary process that takes place where the mortar is not as good as it used to be. You need to remove the damaged mortar and apply fresh layers to keep the brick intact. There are many important details in the repointing process, so be sure to read our article. Call BR Masonry if you live in New Jersey area and our team of professionals will be glad to help you with masonry repointing. If you live in an old building, we could also do an inspection and tell it repointing is needed.

Yearly inspections

A true building conservation includes both repairs and periodic inspections. As you already know from the information above, the earlier you detect a problem, the cheaper it will be to fix it. That’s where inspections come in. It’s essential to inspect a masonry building every year to notice any signs of damage. In some cases, it’s pretty easy to see the first signs of destruction, but in other cases only a professional can notice that there’s something wrong with the surface of with the building itself. BR Masonry knows how all problems start, so if you prefer a quick and painless repair, schedule a yearly inspection of your building today.

There are many other things you could do to keep your building safe for decades. Almost every time we come to fix a masonry issue, we notice many other problems that may damage a building in the future. That’s why we know that it’s very important to never forget to do inspections and act quick if something bad happens to your building. Contact BR Masonry today to save the money on future repairs.