Is That A Raccoon In Your Chimney?

Love your chimney? That’s great! So do raccoons, squirrels and swifts!

Your chimney may seem like a nice place for animals to stay in. Many different birds, critters, pests, and yes, raccoons may use it as their den. In summer, chimneys become a shaded and cool place where animals can hide from the heat. In winters, it will be a nice place for them to worm up. As you can see, every season you chimney will attract different animals. Let’s see what can be done to prevent it.

Animals In Chimney Can Cause A Lot Of Damage - Be Sure To Close It

First, lets see what kind of problems you may have after you find out there is something in your chimney. After animals find a way into you chimney, they may easily find a way into your home. Your firebox bay be a place for them to enter. These kinds of animals usually bring food and trash in your chimney. The smell racoons cause is very horrible. Some animals will build a nest in your chimney which will block the smoke from going up the chimney. This is a very dangerous situation for your whole family.

Now when we see the dangers of animas living in your chimney, let’s see how to deal with it. First thing you should do after you hear something alive in your chimney is call professionals. Removing animals or birds from chimney by yourself may cause a lot of trouble. It’s dangerous for the animal inside the chimney and especially dangerous for you. Removing a racoon or squirrel may be even more dangerous, because this kind of animals have every intension to scratch and bite you. BR Masonry & Restoration professionals will find out what kind of animal is inside your chimney and use our best approach to deal with it. After we remove the animal, you will need to have your chimney cleaned. It’s another thing you should hire a professional to do for you. We will sweep and clean your chimney and make sure there is nothing left that may cause you any trouble.

Getting the animal out of your chimney takes a lot of time and energy. So, lets see, what can be done to keep the animals from entering it in the first place.

Animals will be looking for an easy entry to your chimney. The best way to keep them away is to prevent them from entering. BR Masonry & Restoration advices you to install a chimney cap. We usually surround it with a wire cage. This device will help you block the way for the animals. There is another way to seal the enter when you aren’t using your chimney. You can also install top-sealing chimney damper. It affixes to the top of your chimney. This way animals will never be able to enter your chimney.

Raccoons In Your Chimney - How To Close Your Chimney From Animals

When you notice strange sounds coming from your chimney, feel free to call BR Masonary & Restoration. We know everything about chimney construction and understand the dangers of animals in your chimney. We will clean up after the animal is taken out. We can also install a chimney cap that will prevent any future animal intrusions. Give us a call at (609) 686-5577 to schedule your chimney inspection today!