Custom Concrete Counter-Tops

Here are some sample of our custom concrete counter tops that we created. Every party of our counter tops are custom, from the edges to the color design which is actually dyed not stained and then sealed. We take great pride in our custom masonry projects, not only works of art but the longevity that they will literally last a life time.


Here is a bathroom that was started approx. 2 years before we showed up and  was left only partially demo’ed. Due to plastic sheeting covering where the bath walls should be there was a lot of water damage, as well as drainage and supply lines being cut and left that way there was an ongoing leak that wasn’t apparent. Being the only full bath in the house, we had to work around the homeowner and family, as well as, getting their bathroom ready for use asap!

We Work With Your Budget

Sometimes we have clients on a budget, I mean, truthfully, there is always a budget and we understand that! So we will do projects in phases to help our clients get what they want. The most important part of it is planning so that we can accomplish the phases of the project in the most economical and common sense way; while keeping the end goal in mind.

Historical Restoration

This is a restoration job we did in the Historic District inJersey City, NJ. The top of the parapet wall wall was crumbling and was a safety issue  and had to be demolished and rebuilt, as well as other areas on the building. We removed the damaged areas and then did stone facing on it with cement stucco. We worked hand in hand with the  Historic Preservation Officer of Jersey City,NJ so that we could meet both our clients budget and follow all city rules and regulations for historic restoration.

Mold Inspection & Remediation

This is a mold remediation, concrete and stucco job we did in Hamilton, NJ. Unlike many masonry contractors we treated the water problem, remediated the mold (treated and cleaned it to prevent a reoccurring problem) and removed the utilities. Then we cement stuccoed the walls and poured a new concrete floor.

Roof Repairs

Here is a job we were called out to about a roof leak. After a proper inspection we found that the problem wasn’t the roof but the the brick wall. Water was getting in through the open mortar joints and traveling down between the bricks into the warehouse below.

New Construction

Here is a new construction job that we did in Short Hills, NJ. It is a pool house with manufactured stone, synthetic stucco. Travertine coping stones line the pool border, with paver walkways and patio. The spa patio has a retaining/ sitting wall made of stone veneer, travertine coping stones and pavers that lead up to the spa that overlooks the pool. The spa has synthetic stucco and travertine coping stones.


Here is a re-hab job we did in Edison, NJ. It involved gutting the house adding an addition to the second floor, then installing stucco and thin stone veneer on the exterior.

Outdoor Kitchens

Here is a stone veneer & exterior tile multi-level patio with a basic outdoor kitchen.

Restorative Masonry

This was a service call we received – (I’m not sure how it happened but we have loose bricks – can you fix them?). A thorough inspection revealed that it wasn’t just loose bricks but the seams in the capping around the window trim were not properly caulked. So the entire time water was getting behind and rotting out the wood and deteriorating the mortar. We removed the trim, treated for mold, replaced the wood, re-laid the brick, recapped the  trim, and used appropriate caulk.

Patios & Porches

This is an exterior tile job we did in Columbus, NJ. We’re showing the base of the column because this tile is cut around the tile and not under it, all of our cuts are tight as possible, here it’s less than an 1/8″.

Industrial Construction

For our industrial clients – here are a few photos of jobs that we did where we went in and repaired concrete floors. We also offer core drilling to test the strength of the floor in various spots to check the condition of the floor.

Patio Re-Facing

This is an example of a patio refacing that we did. We expanded the patio, then installed bluestone paver slabs in a unique pattern.

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