Fall is Chimney Sweeping Season!

Chimney Sweeping in NJ - Chimney Inspections - Chimney Contracting Service - Chimney Repairs in NJFall is right around the corner, and the colder temperatures will be here before you know it! Now is the perfect time to make sure your chimney is ready to keep you and your loved ones warm all winter long – before the weather gets too cold. At BR Masonry, we want to help prepare your chimney for the cold days ahead. And we offer premium service to make sure your chimney is safe to use and will perform optimally during the winter weather! So, what can you do to make sure your chimney is ready to go?

1. Have BR Masonry Sweep Your Chimney

If you’re the owner of a home with a chimney – you should always have your chimney inspected and swept for safety by a licensed professional at least once a year. When we sweep your chimney, we’re ridding the interior of any buildup of debris or creosote, a tar-like, foul smelling, corrosive and extremely combustible substance that is a by-product of burning wood. If your chimney isn’t regularly swept, creosote can coat the inside of your chimney. This can lead to dangerous blockages and potential fires, or to smoke flowing back into your home.

2.  Get Your Chimney Inspected Annually

With each sweep, BR Masonry offers a FREE chimney inspection! During the inspection, your technician will visually inspect the chimney for any flaws, damage, or malfunctions that could cause the use of your chimney or hearth to be unsafe. Before you burn wood or anything else in your chimney, you must first make sure it is safe to do so! Chimney fires can happen unexpectedly and they can cause a huge damages to your home. However, most chimney fires can be easily prevented by regular maintenance and proper inspections.

If your chimney is inspected annually as suggested, each of the inspections should be simple and straightforward. In addition to inspections, annual chimney sweeps offer a more in-depth look at the state of your chimney.

3. Schedule Other Important Chimney Maintenance Service

Keep an Eye on Your Chimney Liners – Deteriorated or cracked chimney liners and/or structural problems can Chimney Repairs Hamilton NJ - New Jersey Chimney Inspections - Chimney Inspecting Services - Clean My Chimneyallow high temperatures, sparks, or embers to escape to combustible areas in walls, roofs or attics. Be aware of the current state of your liner and replace your chimney liner if it is in poor shape or deteriorated beyond functional use.

Be Aware of Debris – If debris has fallen down the flue of your chimney, whether it’s an animal nest or twigs & dry leaves, a stray ember may ignite the blockage causing a dangerous chimney fire. Before you light your first fire of the season, have a chimney sweep check for blockages from debris.

Cap & Cover Your Chimney – Make sure your chimney is capped, or has a case cover. These caps and covers protect your chimney from foreign matter and rain. Surprisingly, water (usually from extensive rain exposure) is one of the leading causes of poor chimney function and decay.

No matter what the cause, chimney damage is dangerous and can threaten the overall structure and safety of your chimney or hearth. There is no reason to put your home at risk for smoke damage, fire hazards, or water damage! Prepare your chimney now, so you can count on it to keep your home warm during the cold winter months. Contact us or give us at call at (609) 686-5577 to schedule your annual chimney sweeping and inspection!