A Brief History Of Masonry

History of Brick - Masonry Restoration in New Jersey - Masonry Contractors - General ContractorThe Great Wall of China, the Rome Colosseum, the Egyptian Pyramids – these architectural masterpieces were built with masonry a very long time ago. The history of masonry goes back hundreds and thousands of years. Ancient architects used masonry because of its durability, simplicity and beauty. All these buildings we mentioned have been standing for centuries. Stone brick is known to be the oldest product manufactured by people. Let’s see how masonry has evolved from the time of early humans to today.

Nowadays the complexity of masonry varies from installing a simple wall made of bricks to building a modern high-rise building. It all started with early humans using their first instruments to mold stones and use them to build their shelters. The first signs of masonry found by archaeologists leads back to 9,000 BC. But that’s not the only way early civilizations made use of modeled stones. The first people even shaped them to be sharp enough to use it as a hunting weapon!

Masonry Repair Contractors - New Jersey Masons - Masonry Restoration - Chimney CleaningWe can see how the technology evolved later in the building of the Egyptian Pyramids. Not only were the stones shaped better, but even more advanced construction technologies were applied in the process. Each stone brick of the pyramid weights about two tons. It’s hard to imagine how people were able to build something that massive without modern technologies.

Another complex structure that was created thousands of years ago is the Great Wall of China. Built to protect people from invaders, now its considered one of the world’s greatest treasures. Archeologists say that it took over 2,000 years to build it. The Chinese used the technology where each brick supports another one. Almost 4,000,000,000 bricks were used in the building process. Unfortunately, the Great Wall hasn’t been properly maintained and now almost 80% of the Wall is destroyed.

Industrial brick manufacturing began its rise from the British colonies in North America in the 17th century. The earliest manufactured brick is believed to be found in Virginia. The colonists quickly understood the advantages of brick masonry and started to build their first brick buildings in the colonies. Many of them are still standing across the US.

Chimney Repairs in New Jersey - Historical Brick Masonry - Masonry Restoration in Hamilton, NJToday there are hundreds of masonry options. Construction specialists are working with brick, block, tile, terra-cotta, stone, and many other materials to build unique, beautiful, forever-lasting buildings of any kind. The most important thing that we were able to achieve with the development of masonry technologies is that most of today’s buildings are extremely safe. Living in the buildings made of brick is safer than ever now because of the universal safety requirements developed in the last decades. Moreover, there are many different technologies that help restore and repair old masonry. For example, BR Masonry uses advanced repointing technology to restore old buildings that need bricks and mortar to be replaced. After our restoration your property will be as good as new, and last for generations.

The masonry technologies used today make life much simpler. Bricks are manufactured to be able to last almost forever. You can find any type and style you want. We keep our eyes on every new technology that comes out on the market. BR Masonry is always looking for new ways to help our clients. But in the end, we know that no matter what project we are working on, there is no technology that can replace a professional mason.

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