8 Reasons To Have Concrete Countertops Installed

Concrete countertops have proven to be the new trend in house design in 2018. Don’t think that concrete should only be in the driveway. It’s the perfect material for almost anything. BR Masonry is here to review this latest trend and explain the reasons why you should have it installed.

Freedom In Shaping A Countertop

Concrete is far more beneficial compared to other materials such as quartz, tile and granite. It can easily be personalized into anything you want it to be. You are able to use have it in any color you want, using integral color, stain or both. Concrete professionals can personalize your countertop, so it would fit into any shape you want.

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Personalize The Countertop With Any Addons

There are many options to make your countertop even more beautiful and unique. You can install glass, fossils, stone, seashells, and many other materials into your countertop.

Style Options

Yes, you can customize it even more! Choose different style of concrete to make it look and feel like you want it: industrial, rustic, sophisticated – BR Masonry can make it how you want it. This option makes it easier to fit your new countertop literally anywhere – whether it’s a fancy outdoor kitchen or just a simple small indoor kitchen. You have all the options.

It’s Hard-to-break

Concrete itself is very strong and durable material. Installed by BR Masonry professionals, it will be even stronger. We know how to work with concrete and make it 100% durable.

It Will Last A Lifetime

Professionally installed concrete countertops will last a lifetime. It will last even more if it has all the necessary maintenance. If you add a sealer periodically, there will be no need to replace it ever.

Heat and Cold Resistant

Put hot pots and pans on it – it’s okay. Concrete countertops with a proper sealer can easily resist almost any kind of heat.

Easy To Clean

Soap and water are all you are going to need to clean the countertop. The important part is maintenance – you have to have it resealed every two to four years.

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It Ages Beautifully

Your countertops appearance will actually improve over the years. Concrete is a non-static material, that’s why it will only adapt character after certain time.

Concrete countertops give you the ultimate opportunity to design it your way. You can’t do it with any other kind of counters. Concrete is also very strong and will last about forever. If you are still thinking about having a concrete countertop installed, give BR Masonry a call at (609) 686-5577 and we will change your mind. Contact us today and let’s discuss your countertops options.